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Discover the #1 gamechanger for your  business to scale all by yourself + 3 must-have tools that will help you do it fast.

Hi badass, I’m


Hi badass, I’m NAOMI

I believe that you don’t need a team to scale your business. Not a human team, at least. Just a team of tools and the right *boring* systems.

The biggest difference between me and others that promise to help you scale? My no-nonsense attitude. I won’t talk about “manifesting, the Law of Attraction” and all that crap. I focus on the things that will actually help you scale your business: a good business model and automating your marketing without losing the connection with your people.

I’ve helped thousands of solopreneurs all over the world through my mentorship programs, business retreats, digital courses, workshops+events, and 1:1 consulting.

Although I loooove new information, we will focus 100% on implementation if you work with me. ‘Cause ACTION is my middle name (or it would be if I had one).

xo no-nonsense naomi

“Thanks to Naomi, I created my first online program in a few weeks and had a 16K launch. All the templates, step-by-step processes, and examples made it really easy.”


the Solopreneur Scale-up Framework

To scale your business, you need a scalable offer *hint: an online group mentorship program* and a system to market & sell it on autopilot

The framework is simple. Creating a SCALABLE offer will give you freedom and fulfillment IF you know how to sell it on autopilot, of course. Which will be easy peasy when you know how to become a STAR in your niche, implement the *boring* marketing SYSTEMS & strategies, and use the right tactics to SELL your program. With these 4 elements in check + your energy, you’ll be scaling to consistent and predictable 10k+ months in no time.




the Online Group 

Mentorship INTENSIVE

Create the BEST Online Group Mentorship Program in your niche that actually gives your clients massive results & sell it for 2k – 6k.

the Solopreneur
Scale-up Program

Implement and optimize the *boring* systems you need to scale your online group mentorship program and hit consistent and predictable 10k+ months, without all the stress and overwhelm.


Scale Your Expertise 

Double your freedom, profit & impact

During this 90-minute interactive online workshop, I will show you how to create a scalable & transformational Online Group Mentorship Program in the next 90 days, using my 3-step framework.   

Free growth tools


Discover which 60 tools I use to run my business on autopilot & have 20k+ launches without a human team.

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Here you can find my all-time favorite books, which are, in my opinion, must-reads if you want to scale your business.

the Solopreneur Scale-up Show

Hear (or read) how other women scaled their business and gain valuable insights about growing your program with online marketing.