the Online Group Mentorship INTENSIVE

Create the BEST Online Group Mentorship Program in your niche that actually gives your clients massive results & sell it for 2k – 6k.

Your business is doing great. Your clients are happy and you keep on growing. Awesome! The problem is… you’re growing so fast that you’re getting *way* more clients than you can handle and your waiting list is getting longer and longer. Maybe you even have to say NO sometimes, which is killing you! Also, to be honest it’s getting a bit boring answering the same questions from clients over and over again…Repeating yourself surely doesn’t feel like the best use of your time.

You’ve thought about working even more or hiring a team, but the idea of that does not excite you. Yes, you want to help more women and get more money in the bank, but you love being a solopreneur and your freedom & flexibility is sacred.

You know that you should have an offer you can scale and sell on autopilot, and creating an Online Group Mentorship Program has certainly crossed your mind more than once. But it all seems so big and overwhelming! And how would you even make sure that it’s transformational and your clients will still get the BEST results?

Sound familiar?

Imagine if, a few months from now, you…


Have stopped trading time for money, freed up space on your calendar and have the option to work less, so you have more time for other things that are also important to you.


Enroll up to 10, or even more, clients a month (€ 2000 - € 6000 each ) in your low-maintenance program, where the delivery does NOT take up all of your time.


Are the thought leader in your niche and have the BEST (or even the first) program out there, based on your own unique framework.


Packaged your knowledge + experience and created an extra income stream, that will become your consistent and predictable base income.


Help at least 4x more women, in less time, while giving them a high-end experience and getting them incredible results.

“Thanks to Naomi I created my first online program in a few weeks and had a 16K launch. All the templates, step-by-step processes and examples made it really easy.”



You just wished for someone to give you an EASY step-by-step roadmap you can follow, to create your online group mentorship program without all the overwhelm and getting stuck. Well…that´s exactly what I have for you!  


Download your knowledge & experience and design your unique framework to create a bulletproof program that will bring your clients amazing results ( + it will position you as a thought leader within your niche)


In the first module, you will decide which urgent problem your program will solve, define the main (learning) objective, lay the foundation for your own framework, and download & structure your knowledge + experience.

Next, you will define and order the program’s sub-learning objectives, match your unique system with the level of your dream client avatar, create a roadmap to get your client from A to B, and define the outline of your program.

Third, you will choose the shape(s) of your framework, add words to the shape(s), and give your framework a name.


Discover which platform you should use to create your academy. Here you will also find tutorials on how to use the following platforms; WordPress, Kajabi, Teachable, and Thinkific. 


Outline the delivery of your program, define and add the structure to the modules + lessons in your online academy, and add result boosters & awesome sauce to guarantee a transformation for your clients.


In the first module, you will outline the delivery of your program, build the home page of your academy, and define and add the structure to the modules + lessons in your online academy.

Next, you will discover how to make your content easy to consume (by adding 6 content boosters), how to avoid boredom (by adding 12 lesson boosters), and how to keep your clients motivated throughout the whole program.

Third, you will pour some awesome sauce over your program and make it extra special. In this module, you will learn how to bring your A-game, discover how to deliver an awesome experience, and create an engaging onboarding. 


Learn how to create the content for your program (videos, workbooks, e-mails, etc.) and how to run group mentorship calls + actually start making the content.


In the first module, you will set up an easy system to organize your files, set priorities with the MoSCoW method and Eisenhower Decision Matrix, and get focussed.

Next, you will prepare the tech! In this module, you will discover which tools you need to create your content. 

Third, you will discover the best processes and other smart hacks to create your content. 



Discover how to position your new program within your business to complement your other offers + how to choose the right niche & dream client. 

Irresistible offer

How to make your program irresistible and have your dream clients throw their credit cards at you with the perfect price point, bonuses, and other essential ingredients.

Case studies

How to run a successful beta group and collect case studies that will help you sell your program like crazy. 

I need this!

Doors open: summer 2021

The doors to the Online Group Mentorship INTENSIVE will open in 2021. Get on the VIP waitlist now to get notified before the doors open and be one of the first to claim your spot.

They did it

So can you!

“I joined the program because I had a lot of ideas in my head but wasn’t sure who my ideal client was and how to actually create something from those ideas. I really liked getting feedback from someone who has a lot of experience with creating online programs. So far, 30 people have joined my program, and I’m about to start the 4th round. ”


“I had no idea how to start creating an online version of my already existing (offline) program.  Especially the technical part was a challenge for me: how do I create a good structure, how am I going to promote it and take care of payments? This program was amazing because I am not at all structured, and this program forced me to take action every single day. So every day, I saw my program become more and more real. It gave me a big BOOST, and I am so glad I made this investment because I have already (more than) earned it back.”


“I had been thinking about creating an online program for months but needed some help. I needed someone to brainstorm with, keep me accountable, help me create my program step-by-step, and give technical support. And I wanted the freedom to do everything at my own pace. I found all of this in this program, and I have already launched my program twice. And even now, after the program has ended, Naomi still answers any questions I have.”


“Investing in this program is one of the best investments I have made for my business! You get so much valuable information and, at the same time, all the tools to actually implement this information in your business. 

It goes further than just making an online program. You lay the whole foundation for your business, and from this foundation, it is easy to scale your business. 

The program takes you step-by-step through the process, there is a lot of accountability, and you can ask for direct feedback from Naomi.


Get on the waitlist!

The doors to the Solopreneur Scale-up Program will open in 2021. Get on the VIP waitlist now to get notified before the doors open and be one of the first to claim your spot.

You are on the waiting list!

Get on the waitlist!

The doors to the Online Group Mentorship INTENSIVE will open in 2021. Get on the VIP waitlist now to get notified before the doors open and be one of the first to claim your spot.

You are on the waiting list!