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Attend LIVE on August 12th, 2021

During this 90-minute interactive online workshop, I will show you how to create a scalable & transformational Online Group Mentorship Program in the next 90 days, using my 3-step framework.   


You want to stop trading time for money and free up space on your calendar while helping at least 4x more women—no more long waiting lists, having to sell NO, or repeating yourself over and over again.

You are ready to create a low-maintenance (but high quality & high impact) Online Group Mentorship Program you can sell for 2K – 6K and add an extra revenue stream to your business, which will become your consistent and predictable base income.


Am I right? Watch this video 

This is for you, if you…


Are a service-based entrepreneur or a coach/mentor and work 1:1 with or for clients (who are also female solopreneurs, like you and me).


Know how to get clients, and your business is successful. You probably even have a waiting list.


Are ready to add a scalable offer to your business and are thinking about creating an online group mentorship program.


Have a lot of knowledge and experience on your topic and want to share this with entrepreneurs who aren´t as far as you in this area.

This is NOT for you, if you…


Are just starting out as an entrepreneur.


Struggle to get clients.


Don´t have any first-hand experience on your topic.


Are not willing to make time in the next few months to create your program.


This is what we will cover


How to validate your program idea and create a ´buyers list´ in just 24 hours.


How to transition from 1:1 to 1:many, without losing quality or connection, and while still guaranteeing the best results.


EASY 3-step framework you can follow, to create your Online Group Mentorship Program without all the overwhelm and getting stuck.


The tech stuff. I will help you choose the right platform to build your academy in, based on your situation.


What to name your program + the one thing that is way more important than the name. 


Smart time-saving hacks, to create your program as easy and in as little time as possible (while still delivering high quality)

… and a whole lot more.

“Thanks to Naomi, I created my first online program in a few weeks and had a 16K launch. All the templates, step-by-step processes, and examples made it really easy.”


I need this!

The details

This is not a 90-minute webinar where you sit back and take notes (that you never look at again). It´s an interactive live online workshop where I´m going to put you to work, and you can ask me anything you want. At the end you will have your 90-day gameplan ready to create your Online Group Mentorship Program. 

Date: Thursday, August 12th, 2021
Time: 10.30 – 12.00 UTC +2
Location: online (zoom)
Price: Right now, just € 27*

*23% Portuguese VAT will be added if you do not enter your valid VAT number

My workshops are about taking ACTION.

This one won’t be any different. No fluff, just strategies and frameworks you can implement right away.

Hi badass, I'm NAOMI

I believe that you don't need a team to scale your business. Not a human team at least. Just a team of tools and the right *boring* systems.

The biggest difference between me and others that promise to help you scale? My no-nonsense attitude. I won’t talk about “manifesting, the Law of Attraction” and all that crap. I focus on the things that will actually help you scale your business: a good business model and automating your marketing, without losing the connection with your people.

I've helped thousands of solopreneurs all over the world through my mentorship programs, business retreats, digital courses, workshops+events, and 1:1 consulting.

Although I loooove new information, if you work with me we will focus 100% on implementation. 'Cause ACTION is my middle name (or it would be if I had one).

xo no-nonsense naomi

What the F.A.Q.?

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

Which time is this in my time zone?

Check what time this is in your time zone here.

Do I need to have my webcam on?

Yes! This is an interactive workshop where I won’t be the only one talking, so I want to see your pretty face 😉 Anyone who doesn’t turn on her camera will be kicked off the call (unless you have a really good reason). 

Will you organize this another time?

Probably, yes! Although I can’t promise it will be live, for this tiny investment, and in this intimate group setting. 

(yes, this is it. Time to decide!)

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Get on the waitlist!

The doors to the Online Group Mentorship INTENSIVE will open in 2021. Get on the VIP waitlist now to get notified before the doors open and be one of the first to claim your spot.

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